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Social Media & Web Management

Many businesses, especially small business come across the problem of regular management and maintenance of their social media accounts and website. As a result, they do not interact with their customers to their fullest potential

Creative Boost is here to help any business to re-engage themselves within their social platforms and regularly manage them

Additions to this package

*The minimum for this package is 3 months 

This is the basics of the package if you are interested in adding certain aspects or removing certain aspects or you LOVE this package, simply contact us today and we can start talking value!

What's included 

Daily management & maintenance of your social media accounts

 Interact with followers

 Find influencers

 Post regularly

 & so much more

Content guide per month 


Monthly report on the progress of the business on the social platforms

Web updates 


Constant communication




Depending on the client's needs, different content could be created for different platforms