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content strategy & creation 

Many businesses struggle to understand why they are not gaining the following they deserve, and why those followers do not translate beyond simple likes.


The answer is simple:

The content produced is either not targeting the right audience or the content is not properly managed 

Creative Boost is here to help businesses to properly curate their social media platforms and websites with rich valuable content. In addition, we also create a proper strategic management for the business's online social presence 

We care about your success and we want to be a part of it, in this package we offer:

Valuable content produced for the right target market

Daily management of 2 social platforms (possible to add more platforms and website)

competition analysis

build a monthly content calendar for the social platforms

constant communication with the client to ensure satisfaction


This is the basics of the package if you are interested in adding certain aspects or removing certain aspects or you LOVE this package, simply contact us today and we can start talking value!


* This is a 3 months package minimum