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We are delighted that you are interested in our services! In order for us to make the ultimate social media guide for your business and quote you appropriately there are a few you specifics we would like you to outline in the email. 

  • Tell us about you and your business

  • What are your goals and expectations from your Social Media profiles?

  • What Social Media profiles are you using? 

  • What are the weaknesses you are finding with your current Social Media Strategy?  

  • What do you believe is currently working in your Social Media Strategy? 

  • Add all the links to your active Social Media accounts (your website included)

  • Do you want to venture into other Social Media outlets that you are currently not using?

Once we receive your email with all the above information we will contact you with a quote and a breakdown of how we price our services and how long it will take us to create the perfect guide for you.

Please consider that each guide is fully customized and personalized for each client and therefore prices will vary given the content and time invested into each guide.